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Basic information:
Property ID: 18WAES025011
Comunidad Valenciana
Region: Murcia
Price: 460.000 €
Living space: 118 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 5

Basic information:
Property ID: 367668#1550
Price: 297.000 €
Living space: 78 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 3

Basic information:
Property ID: 17WAES009008
Region: Andalusien
Price: 280.000 €
Living space: 129 sq. m.
Plot size: 119 sq. m.
No. of rooms: 4

Basic information:
Property ID: 18WAES028002
Comunidad Valenciana
Region: Valencia
Plot size: 11.455 sq. m.
Price: 250.000 €


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